Hi! My name is SPOT, and I’m SAGENT’s K9 Patient Safety Ambassador.
When you look at me on this page, you see the world’s cutest dog. But there’s more to me than meets the eye. If you download the SPOT Illusion and assemble me, what you think you’re seeing won’t actually be what’s there. Don’t take my word for it. Click on the download arrows on the left and try it! Once you’ve assembled me, close one eye and look at me at eye level. Move around me and you’ll see that my head turns and my eyes never leave you. They’ll follow you everywhere! It’s a monocular illusion based on how our brain tells our eyes to see. Try it with the camera on your phone for an even creepier effect!
I know it’s wild, but it’s not my fault. It’s your mind barking up the wrong tree — interpreting an image and reassembling the way it thinks it could be. Makes you stop and think for a second, doesn’t it? At least, I hope it does. Consider it a helpful tip from man’s best friend.
We’re all subject to optical illusions. My job is to point them out to the healthcare professionals who handle critical and life-saving drugs in hospitals and pharmacies and near patient bedsides every day. If, by raising your awareness and making you more attentive to these phenomena, we can help reduce the risk of medication errors and enhance patient safety in your hospital, then it’s all happy barks from me.
Thanks again for your attention. Be safe — and let’s keep those optical illusions that could be at work in your pharmacy on a very short leash!